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A Web analytics solution that can be used to monitor traffic statistics for one or multiple websites, along with their technical and marketing performance






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Logaholic will help webmasters monitor their websites' traffic and get insights of how well his business is performing.

This platform works on classic LAMP infrastructures, is quite easy to setup, and comes packed with lots of powerful tracking features.

Besides collecting and recording the traffic & usage information, Logaholic also provides a way to analyze and interpret the data, all with the help of its powerful reporting feature.

Recorded data can be displayed according to your own filters and custom dashboards, and it can also be easily exported as XML, CSV, or PDF, moved or presented in other applications.

Also, here's a small and to the point video presentation of the Logaholic dashboard.

On top of native website traffic details, Logaholic will also be able to track social media presence, conversion rates, marketing campaigns, and many other more.

If the default tools don't let you build the dashboards and reports you want, also don't forget to check out the commercial versions and the platforms extensions store.

Logaholic is available as a self-hosted version and as a hosted service (just like Google Analytics). Details about the two can be found following the Buy link on this page, as well as information about the difference between the free and the paid versions of the self-hosted edition.
Last updated on March 28th, 2015
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