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An open source Web-based WYSIWYG editor, one of the most used, and one of the most respected rich text editors available online today





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TinyMCE works by replacing normal textareas with a special editing area, with a formatting toolbar on top, which users can utilize and format their entered text.

Besides this classic way of editing the text using a UI toolbar, inline editing is also supported, allowing the user to click and select any part of the text he wants, and the same formatting toolbar will appear at the top of the selection, instead of the textarea.

TinyMCE works like any other standalone JS library, even supporting a lazy loading function, which displays the editor only when the textarea is in the viewport, or the user clicks inside the textarea.

A specific package for usage with jQuery is also included.

And if TinyMCE looks familiar to you, than that's because it has been used together with many other Web-based technologies, the most famous of them all being WordPress.
Last updated on June 26th, 2015
TinyMCE - TinyMCE supports many toolbars and controls for editing textTinyMCE - TinyMCE controls can be mashed into a menu-like barTinyMCE - TinyMCE supports an inline editing mode as well

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