Redactor 10.1

A jQuery rich text editor, a powerful tool for implementing a simple WYSIWYG editing experience for your site's users and visitors

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What's new in Redactor 10.1:

  • New CodeMirror syntax highlighting. Native integration with CodeMirror syntax highlighting via single 'codemirror: true' setting, which allows users to switch to source code view and have their code syntax nicely highlighted. Here's an example.
  • NewUploadcare Plugin. Upload media from various social networks and cloud storages easily with Uploadcare, no backend necessary. Settings and details on Github.
  • Improved‘convertUrlLinks’, 'convertImageLinks' and 'convertVideoLinks' settings now convert URLs to links, images and videos respectively on spacebar and on paste as well as on Return
  • ImprovedImage and file uploads now have ‘XMLHttpRequest’ header for better ajax request handling
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3 Redactor Screenshots:
Redactor - Redactor works by attaching an editing toolbar to a designated textareaRedactor - The classical source view is also included with all Redactor editorsRedactor - There's also an image & upload manager included with all Redactor editors as well
The Redactor jQuery plugin transforms regular textareas into WYSIWYG editors, allowing site users to enter and style their text as they see fit.

Redactor was built to be used as a basic rich text editor, yet it has slowly evolved from a nice open source project to an advanced, commercially available, text formatting toolkit.

The editor has seen wide-spread adoption in many open source or commercial projects, being the default text formatting WYSIWYG editor for projects like Pulse CMS, Perch, or Statamic.

If you choose to go with Redactor for one of your next projects, the editor will greatly reduce the time spent formatting text, and make life a lot more easier for both developers and end-users alike.

Last updated on April 16th, 2015

Runs on: Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris

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