Virtual Keyboard Widget

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A virtual keyboard written in JavaScript and jQuery UI, which can be attached to any input field and allow text to be entered with the mouse





Virtual keyboards are input pads that are shown inside a floating popup window.

They aren't real keyboards, but merely a collection of buttons which when pushed will automatically add a desired character inside a form's input field.

Usually these kind of widgets are used with e-commerce and online banking services, where they are a solid means of protection against any type of key logging viruses.

Since all the input comes from the mouse, they keyboard input can't be sniffed, indirectly protecting online identities (passwords mostly).

The Virtual Keyboard Widget is a jQuery UI plugin which can help developers add a virtual keyboard to their websites.

The plugin comes with plenty of built-in key pads, or it can allow the developer to build his own custom pad.
Last updated on July 6th, 2015
Virtual Keyboard Widget - The Virtual Keyboard Widget can create input pads that look like a real keyboardVirtual Keyboard Widget - Custom key pads can also be created, holding any type of keys/characters

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