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Luminous works on the code block level, transforming boring, hard to read source code into a rainbow of colors, improving readability and adding useful features like line numbers and line marking.

The class reads the code, adds syntax highlighting based on the defined programming language, and pretty prints the code as HTML or LaTeX.

Luminous is modular in design, coming with separate parsers for each of the supported languages.

Using the built-in generic parser, developers can easily create their own highlighting scheme and even add new languages to its core.

The library is also skinnable via CSS, so new color highlighting themes can be created and added to Luminous with ease.
Last updated on January 25th, 2013
Luminous - Code blocks don't have to be ugly anymore with LuminousLuminous - If needed, Luminous will also use a different skin for highlighting the codeLuminous - Highlighting inline source code is also capable with Luminous

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A PHP library for pretty printing source code, with a main focus on code readability, beautiful coloring schemes, and source parsing accuracy


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