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A powerful Python Web framework used to build Facebook's FriendFeed service, currently open sourced and available for everyone to use





In the beginning Facebook was built using PHP and MySQL, but as the traffic and size of the network increased, so did its requirements for a better and faster delivery of content in real-time.

This led the Facebook team to delve into other technologies and languages outside PHP, and the company soon turned it sights to Python, a programming language used by Google to build its search engine.

The efforts of the team resulted into a product called Tornado, a Python framework specifically designed to work with raw HTTP connections in a simple asynchronous non-blocking way.

Tornado was inspired by other tools like and Google's webapp, but also includes extra features as well.

At the center of the entire framework resides a powerful HTTP server, which is enhanced by a suite of modules for dealing with i18n content, string manipulation, output generation, asynchronous operations, third-party code, logs, and so on.

Besides Cassandra, Tornado is one of Facebook's most successful open sourced applications to date.
Last updated on May 27th, 2015

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