CoffeeScript 1.9.2

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A programming language that compiles into JavaScript

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What's new in CoffeeScript 1.9.2:

  • Fixed a watch mode error introduced in 1.9.1 when compiling multiple files with the same filename.
  • Bugfix for yield around expressions containing this.
  • Added a Ruby-style -r option to the REPL, which allows requiring a module before execution with --eval or --interactive.
  • In <script type="text/coffeescript"> tags, to avoid possible duplicate browser requests for .coffee files, you can now use the data-src attribute instead of src.
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MIT License

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Jeremy Ashkenas
C: \ Development Tools \ Compilers
The CoffeeScript compiler is written in pure CoffeeScript, using a small DSL on top of the Jison parser generator, and is available as a Node.js utility.

The core compiler however, does not depend on Node, and can be run in other server-side-JavaScript environments, or in the browser.

CoffeeScript uses Python-style significant whitespace, so line endings are regarded as code endings as well.

Last updated on April 16th, 2015

Runs on: Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris

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