Zebra Pagination

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A simple PHP class that automatically generates page navigation links for a large collection of items, or for database entries listed on a page





The Zebra_Pagination class is a generic system, meant to handle the pagination operations, and not to deal with the data in any way or form.

The class doesn't care what kind of data it paginates, it simply takes the desired number of items and splits the collection into different portions split across a multitude of UI views.

Along with this pagination "process" the class also produces a pager UI widget that contains links to all the paginated views, so users can access the data easily in the frontend.

This pager can be simple numbered links or next/prev links.

The pager component;s UI is also CSS skinnable, and it can be tweaked at will by anyone interested in doing so.

Examples and usage instructions are included with the Zebra_Pagination download package.
Last updated on November 29th, 2013
Zebra Pagination - Zebra_Pagination is a PHP class that automatically generates page navigation links

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