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The next-generation PHP blogging platform, a beautifully designed blogging engine that doesn't want to be a CMS or anything else






Habari is currently maybe the best alternative to running a blog and not having to use WordPress to do it.

It's easy to install and use, just as WordPress, and the transition to it should be pretty quick and seamless.

Habari features an administration panel to help webmasters configure and tweak it out, while also letting them make big changes via themes and plugins.

The entire system is very well coded, features a professional OOP codebase, is openly developed within the community, and comes with multi-site and multi-database support.

Multiple user accounts with different permissions can be setup, and a WYSIWYG editor will let users type in and quickly style their articles.

Static pages can also be added, and to help out with searching, content tagging is supported as well.

All in all Habari provides a modern and beautiful solution for your personal and business blogs, a tool you can also use on mobile devices if ever needed.
Last updated on September 19th, 2014
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