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An open source Web server for running Java Web software, implementing the official Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies





Apache Tomcat is next to Apache's HTTP server, the second most successful technology the foundation is developing and curating.

The Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages are technologies used in rendering Java-based web pages, and while many think they are a standard, you can still implement different ways how these technologies are run.

Tomcat is Apache's take on the process and aggregates all those technologies into a single server solution for enterprise and small scale environments alike.

The Tomcat server can power large-scale, critical, traffic-heavy Web applications and works across a diverse range of hardware infrastructures.

There are three main versions of the server currently being developed, each targeting different versions of the Java language:
- Tomcat 6.x is for Java 5+, Servlet 2.5+ and JSP 2.1+
- Tomcat 7.x is for Java 6+, Servlet 3.0+ and JSP 2.2+
- Tomcat 8.x is for Java 7+, Servlet 3.1+ and JSP 3.0+

Besides these source code packages offered for download on the Softpedia Scripts section, binary files for OS-specific builds are also available on Softpedia:
- Tomcat for Windows
- Tomcat for Mac
- Tomcat for Linux
Last updated on July 16th, 2015

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