Apache Commons Proxy

1.0 Apache License
5.0/5 2
A Java library for creating proxy access points, allowing developers to monitor and control who's coming in and out of an application




Apache Commons Proxy can be used for various purposes and tasks, but the basic idea behind the library is to allow developers to put up an intermediary point of access between the user and their code.

They can then use this proxy to carry out a series of tasks and operations, like logging, monitoring, access limiting, task deferring, routing, and so on.

The Commons Proxy comes out of the box with support for multiple proxy factories, utilities for quickly setting up proxy access points using tools like the JDK, Javassist, CGLIB, and ASM4.

All these proxy factories are self-contained and separated from the rest of the code, allowing developers to quickly inter-change them as they see fit for their applications.

The term "proxy" used in the Commons Proxy project does not imply "networking" related operations only, and is used as a generic term for an "intermediary".
Last updated on February 25th, 2010

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