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Minimalist YouTube Player uses the SWFObject and TubePlayer jQuery plugins to retrieve the YouTube video and some details about it.

This is presented to users as a small thumbnail with the clip's title and duration next to it.

A "play" button is overlaid on top of the thumbnail, which when clicked will start or pause the video.

The actual video is shown in a modal window underneath the thumbnail. This window can easily be closed at any time to stop the video playback.

A Minimalist YouTube Player example is included with the download package.
Last updated on May 6th, 2011
Minimalist YouTube Player - YouTube links are showed as simple video thumbnail imagesMinimalist YouTube Player - Clicking the play button loads and shows the YouTube clip

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A jQuery script to retrieve and embed YouTube videos on remote Web pages, doing it without the bulky iframe embed code that slows down many websites


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