JW Silverlight Player 1.1

This is a port of the JW Player for Silverlight
JW Silverlight Player - Player interface
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It's a simple, flexible player for displaying Windows Media video, audio and streams on a live web page using Microsoft's Silverlight technology.

Silverlight is excellent for publishers who have content encoded in WMV or WMA.

Main features:

  • The basics:
  • height (320): Sets the overall height of the player.
  • width (260): Sets the overall width of the player.
  • backgroundcolor (FFFFFF): Sets the background color of the Silverlight block. You can only see this as the color of the shadow below the controlbar.
  • windowless (false): If this is set to true, the Silverlight control is rendered inline. In practice, this means that the player won't flicker through any contents that is placed in divs over it.
  • File properties:
  • duration (0): Use this flashvar to display the duration of the video in the controlbar. When the actual video is loaded, this is always overwritten by the real duration.
  • file (undefined): Sets the location of the file to play. The wmvplayer plays MP3, WMV and WMA files and MMS streams. Here's an overview.
  • image (undefined): If you play a sound or movie, set this to the url of a preview image. It will show before the video is playing.
  • link (undefined): Set this to an external URL or downloadeable version of the file. This link is assigned to a link button in the controlbar and, if linkfromdisplay is set to true,the display.
  • start (0): When using an MMS server, use this flashvar to start the video at the start position.
  • Layout:
  • backcolor (FFFFFF): Backgroundcolor of the controls, in HEX format.
  • frontcolor (000000): Texts & buttons color of the controls, in HEX format.
  • lightcolor (000000): Rollover color of the controls, in HEX format.
  • screencolor (000000): Color of the display area, in HEX format.
  • shownavigation (true): Set this to false to completely hide the controlbar.
  • showstop (false): Set this to true to show a stop button in the controlbar.
  • showdigits (true): Set this to false to hide the elapsed/total time digits in the controlbar.
  • Behaviour:
  • autostart (false): Set this to true to automatically start playing when the page loads.
  • bufferlength (3): Sets the number of seconds a video should be buffered before the players starts playback. Set this small for fast connections or short videos and big for slow connections.
  • linkfromdisplay (false): Set this to true to make a click on the display result in a jump to the webpage assigned to the link flashvar.
  • linktarget (_self): Set this to the frame you want hyperlinks to open in. Set it to _blank to open links in a new window or _top to open in the top frame.
  • overstretch (false): Sets how to stretch images/movies to make them fit the display. The default stretches to fit the display. Set this to true to stretch them proportionally to fill the display, fit to stretch them disproportionally and none to keep original dimensions.
  • repeat (false): Set this to true to automatically repeat playback of the file (an infinite loop).
  • usefullscreen (true): Set this to false to hide the fullscreen button and disable fullscreen.
  • usemute (false): Set this to true to mute the player on startup.
  • volume (80): sets the startup volume for playback of sounds and movies.

last updated on:
June 10th, 2010, 0:59 GMT
license type:

Commercial License

Free for non-commercial purposes.: Creative Commons

developed by:
LongTail Ad Solutions
operating system(s):
Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
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JW Silverlight Player
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