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A state of the art 3D engine written and working in JavaScript, using HTML 5 canvas, SVG, CSS 3 3D, and WebGL rendering methods





Three.js is very user friendly and provides an easy to understand system for rendering 3D graphics via JavaScript, even for newcomers.

The engine follows all the guidelines and principles used by other 3D engines, working with concepts like scenes, textures, patterns, camera angles, faces, lighting, ray tracing, etc..

If you have ever worked with a 3D engine then then there wont be a problem migrating to Three.js, the only impediment being the JavaScript syntax you need to get used to.

Three.js can be used for simple browser animations (might be a overhead), creating browser-based movies, presentations and even browser-based games.

To help developers get started, Three.js creators have provided lots of online documentation and examples.
Last updated on March 16th, 2015

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Three.js - Basic 3D spheres are nothing to Three.js, the engien working with much more complicated objectsThree.js - 3D perspectives are also supported in all of Three.js' rendering enginesThree.js - Three.js is so advanced you can even do 3D modelling insie the browser

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