jQuery Rounded Corners2.13

GPL: GNU General Public License + 1 others
A jQuery plugin to help developers round the corners on square page elements, effect created via HTML instead of using images or CSS 3





jQuery Rounded Corners uses lots of 1px height DIVs to reproduce various corner style effects.

The technique may be not considered a best practice, but it works on almost all browsers, even ancient ones.

The plugin provides a variety of corner styles and options, ready to be deployed and used immediately.

To generate styled corners, just target your desired element and apply it with one line of JavaScript.

The styled corners preserve the element's original CSS style, so no new CSS is needed.
Last updated on February 23rd, 2013
jQuery Rounded Corners - jQuery Rounded Corners comes with many ready-made corner patternsjQuery Rounded Corners - Individual styles can be applied to specific cornersjQuery Rounded Corners - The size of a corner effect is also tweakablejQuery Rounded Corners - Mixing styles and sizes is supportedjQuery Rounded Corners - jQuery Rounded Corners allows developers to use nested stylesjQuery Rounded Corners - Different coloring schemes can be used with  jQuery Rounded CornersjQuery Rounded Corners - The plugin can be used to create various objects and effect with stylized cornersjQuery Rounded Corners - jQuery Rounded Corners works with fixed and fluid layoutsjQuery Rounded Corners - Plain, classic rounded corners are supported

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