WP Symposium 14.12

A plugin to transform a WordPress blog into a fully-fledged community site
WP Symposium - Customizing the plugin
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It supports forums, blogs, email notifications, user directories, private messages, chats, notification bar, widgets and profile pages.


Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

Main features:

  • Plugins:
  • Member Profile
  • Notification Bar
  • Forum
  • Mail/Private Messaging
  • Friends
  • Chat
  • Wall
  • Member Directory
  • Registration
  • Widgets:
  • Latest New Members
  • Latest Forum Posts
  • Configuration:
  • Works with any WordPress theme, and standard WordPress users
  • Supports .POT and .po/.mo language files
  • Set width of WPS plugins in % or pixels
  • Supports all permalink, and default no-permalink settings
  • Supports '.html on PAGES' plugin
  • Supports 'SimpleModal Login' plugin
  • Health Check page to help with maintenance
  • Option to not load jQuery/jQueryUI and other components if plugins are clashing
  • Appearance/Styles:
  • No need to edit a stylesheet
  • Optional Search Engine friendly links within the forum
  • Optional Replacement of smiley codes with images, eg. :)
  • Loads of fun smilies/emoticons to insert
  • Even add your own smilies/emoticons
  • Change the styles (look and feel) through the admin panel
  • Colour Picker popup, no codes needed!
  • Set the length of preview text
  • Set optional rounded corners
  • Uses WordPress member avatars
  • Languages:
  • .POT file included for language translation
  • Included (from v0.1.26): English, French
  • Automatically reflects WP-LANG setting in wp-config.php
  • Member profile options:
  • Displays member photo (as set via WordPress)
  • Displays a wall of posts and replies
  • Set privacy levels for personal information and wall posts/replies
  • Send Mail to member (if on another member's page)
  • Set personal preferences for site language, layout, sounds, etc
  • Depending on privacy level, displays location map, etc
  • Displays recently active friends
  • Member profile settings:
  • Set personal language, timezone, notification sounds and position
  • Set the name displayed on the site and email address
  • Set to receive email notification, or not
  • If permitted, change password
  • Member profile personal:
  • Set privacy levels for personal information and their wall
  • Date of birth
  • City and Country
  • Extended information set by the site administrator (any number of additional fields)
  • Member profile friends:
  • Friend requests
  • Send mail to friends
  • Remove friends
  • Member profile wall:
  • Add posts (most recent acts as a status)
  • Reply to posts
  • Restricted by privacy levels and friends
  • Notification bar overview:
  • Can be placed at the bottom or top of every page.
  • Shows a login/logout link, register link
  • Site admin link if an administrator
  • Icons for specific purposes, ie: friends online, unread mail messages and friend requests.
  • New mail and friend request alerts
  • Icons will highlighted with the number of unread messages or friend requests.
  • Clicking the friends online icon, will display which friends are online, not active and logged out.
  • Clicking on a friends name will open a chat window (and on the recipients screen) for real time chatting.
  • Notification bar settings:
  • Place at top or bottom of page
  • Change message to left of the bar
  • Shows login/logout link to the right of the bar
  • Use WP login/logout or custom URLs
  • When logged in alerts show to the right of new mail
  • Plays a sound when alerts show (optional)
  • Shows friends online
  • Set polling intervals for notifications and chat messages
  • Notification bar chat:
  • Real-time live chat
  • Messages stored if recipient not online for when they next login
  • Mail overview:
  • Easily send a mail to another member of the site just by typing their display name or location.
  • In Box
  • Sent 'box'
  • Compose new message
  • Delete message
  • Reply to message
  • Simple layout
  • AJAX enabled when switching between messages
  • In Box messages highlighted when not read
  • Directory features:
  • Lists members by who was most recently active
  • Live search by name and location
  • Includes location, latest status post and link to their profile page
  • Can search on part of name or location to filter list shown
  • Registration settings:
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Checks for valid email address
  • Displays password strength indicator
  • Checks for unique username and email address
  • Takes new member straight to profile page for additional information
  • Sends email alert to site administrator when someone joins
  • Forum settings:
  • Option to moderate topics and replies
  • Set preview text length
  • Enable a daily digest (optional for members)
  • Show or hide forum categories
  • Change order from newest of oldest replies first
  • Set a word to make posts slightly transparent (eg. [closed])
  • Limit viewing of forum to particular user levels
  • View all topics on the forum, with delete/approve option
  • Forum categories:
  • Optional use of categories
  • Order categories
  • Default category for new topics (if using categories)
  • Set if new Topics allowed or not
  • Number of Topics in a Category
  • Last topic/reply shown
  • How old topics shown as 'x' minutes/hours/days ago, etc
  • How many total views in each Category
  • Forum topics:
  • Create new topics
  • Restrict new topics in certain categories (optionally)
  • Site administrators can always create new topics
  • Set sticky posts that stay at top of forum (AJAX, no page reload)
  • Number of replies to a Topic
  • Last post/reply shown
  • Edit and Delete topics, posts and replies
  • Move Topics between Categories
  • How old replies shown as 'x' minutes/hours/days ago, etc
  • Choose if topic replies are allowed
  • Opaque "closed" topics (as defined) if used as support forum
  • Email notifications:
  • Subscribe to new topics in chosen categories
  • Subscribe to replies to chosen topics
  • Daily Digest to all members for new topics and replies (optionally)
  • AJAX selection to subscribe (no page re-load)
  • Members can subscribe to receive digests (AJAX)
  • Customize email notification address and footer text

last updated on:
December 12th, 2014, 13:10 GMT
developed by:
Simon Goodchild
license type:

GPL: GNU General Public License

operating system(s):
Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
C: \ Modules \ WordPress Plugins
WP Symposium
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10 Screenshots
WP Symposium - Email notificationsWP Symposium - Optional categoriesWP Symposium - Adding a new topicWP Symposium - Topic with repliesWP Symposium - Admin optionsWP Symposium - Editing/moving a topicWP Symposium - Categories admin screenWP Symposium - Admin menuWP Symposium - SEO links
What's New in version 11.9.14
  • Added support for back/forward/reload browser buttons in the forum when using AJAX
  • New Widget: Your Friends (as list of block of avatars)
  • Members can reset their avatars (via Profile Photo link on Profile)
  • Fixed IE compatibility with jCrop (removed aspectRatio parameter)
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