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A tiny MooTools class for working with the new HTML 5 'data-' attribute, a pretty useful tool if you know how to properly use it





While the HTML 5 standards includes lots of new features, probably the most used and the most useful to this point is the custom "data-" attribute.

This small attribute can be added to any HTML tag and used to store any type of additional information related to the tag.

This data (hence the name) can be interacted with via a JavaScript API, and allow developers a way for quickly retrieving or modifying it.

Since it was introduced, the data attribute has been used for plugins, frameworks, UI toolkits, backends, and so on. The attribute has become an integral part of HTML 5 Web development, and tools that can work with it are highly priced.

The data-mootools class parses code and fetches content from the 'data-' attribute, passing it to other tools that might use it for other more complex operations.

Usage scenarios are almost infinite, and having data-mootools around should be more useful than someone might first think.
Last updated on January 6th, 2013

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