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Spider Random Article provides a quick and simple way of showcasing the site's past content.

The component works by displaying a random article, or by rotating numerous random articles using simple JS animation, just like in a slideshow (carousel).

Spider Random Article can be configured via the Joomla backend, and administrators can specify the categories from which random articles can be pulled, along with the number of items to show for each widget instance.


Go to the Joomla admin section.
Select "Extensions" -> "Install/Unistall/Extensions Manager".
Upload the package's ZIP archive file and press "Upload & Install".

A similar version of this plugin is also available for WordPress.
Last updated on May 6th, 2015
Spider Random Article - Managing which articles and categories are gonna be used with the componentSpider Random Article - The admin can easily tweak the module front-end display within the module managerSpider Random Article - The component can show a random article, rotated in the front-end

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A commercial Joomla component for showing random articles taken from the site's archive, packed with lots of customizable options


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