Spider Calendar (Joomla)3.2.11

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An events calendar for Joomla, a localized version of Google Calendar helping webmasters keep track of past and upcoming activities





Spider Calendar can be used to manage, embed and display an events calendar inside a Joomla-powered site.

To manage calendars and events, just go to the Joomla admin panel and start adding details to the calendar.

Here different frontend layouts can be chosen, the admin can customize fonts and colors, and other display settings can be tweaked.

Spider Calendar for Joomla supports one-time and repetitive events, custom calendar views, organizing events in different categories, and custom date/time formats.

The event calendar can be embedded in an inline format, or shown inside a popup window. Mini and full calendar modes are also included.

The commercial version of this plugin grants access to calendar themes.


Go to the Joomla admin section.
Select "Extensions" -> "Install/Unistall/Extensions Manager".
Upload the package's ZIP archive file and press "Upload & Install".

A similar version of this plugin is also available for WordPress.
Last updated on May 5th, 2015
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