Folder Menu (Drupal)

7.x-1.4 / 6.x-1.4 Commercial License + 1 others
5.0/5 1


A vertical menu that appears on the side of the page for Drupal sites, allowing a more efficient use of a website's available space





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The Folder Menu plugin shows a menu to the side of the blog in a fixed or scrolling position that expands to reveal sub-items per each menu entry (if available).

Webmasters can customize the menu's colors, its position, and if to make it stick when scrolling down the page.

The menu can be used with new or existing Drupal menus, and works with both major versions of the Drupal CMS: 6.x and 7.x.

The commercial license allows the menu to show more than 3 menu items and 5 sub-items.


Login the Drupal administration panel.
Go to Modules section.
Upload the module or copy&paste the module download URL.
Find and activate the module after installation in the modules list.

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Last updated on May 5th, 2015

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Folder Menu (Drupal) - Side navigation menu that slides out when an item is hovered on

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