Drush 7.0.0-alpha7 / 6.5.0 / 5.11.0 / 8.x-6.0-rc4

A command line shell and Unix scripting interface for the Drupal CMS
The module itself doesn't provide any actual tools or commands but the API.


Untar the tarball into your module directory (sites/all/modules)
Enable drush.module and any submodules you want to use. You must enable the CVS or wget modules if you want to install modules (you do).
To ease the use of drush, create a link to drush.php in a directory that is in your $PATH, e.g.: $ ln /path/to/drush.php /usr/bin/drush or create an alias to drush.php: $ alias drush='php modules/drush/drush.php' (this goes into .profile or .bash_aliases in your home folder)
Start using drush by running "drush" from your Drupal root directory.
If you have troubles, try using the -l and -r flags when invoking drush.php.
Use with $ drush [options] ...

last updated on:
December 2nd, 2014, 15:48 GMT
license type:

GPL: GNU General Public License

developed by:
Arto Bendiken
operating system(s):
Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
C: \ Modules \ Drupal Modules
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What's New in version 7.x-5.8
  • Backport marking of the site-install Drupal 6 test and a D6 sql-sync test as being D6 specific.
  • Improved error reporting when running sql-query on non-bootstrappable sites.
  • For browser opening, don't check the DISPLAY environment variable when running in simulate mode, so we can test consistently.
  • Removed hostname from logged browser URL in user-login test.
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