1.3.8 LGPL: GNU Lesser General Public License
5.0/5 2
A jQuery plugin for creating modal dialog windows, overriding some default dialog popups and supporting custom structures as well





The Zebra_Dialog plugin can show simple information tips, errors, confirmations, alerts and questions inside the modal.

The plugin can also be used to show notifications in the corner of the screen, if a popup in the center of the screen is too invasive.

The developer can control modal animations, speed, position, what dialog buttons to show, if to auto-close, keyboard shortcuts, overlay transparency, opacity, dimensions, window title, etc..

Zebra_Dialog comes with plenty of documentation and examples, to help programmers get started on their own with ease.

Used wisely, Zebra_Dialog can provide a versatile user feedback system for various actions performed on a Web page.
Last updated on December 24th, 2013
Zebra_Dialog - Zebra_Dialog can be used in displaying special error dialogsZebra_Dialog - Zebra_Dialog also supports a warning message statusZebra_Dialog - Questions are also supported via the Zebra_Dialog pluginZebra_Dialog - Information and presentational data can also be passed via a Zebra_Dialog modalZebra_Dialog - Confirmation windows are supported via Zebra_Dialog as wellZebra_Dialog - Zebra_Dialog supports custom structures and buttons inside a modal windowZebra_Dialog - A flat theme is included along the standard Zebra_Dialog skinZebra_Dialog - Zebra_Dialog can also retrieve and display remote content via an iframe

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