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A jQuery and CSS3 modal image gallery for showing images inside a popup above the rest of the page and with a thumbnail slider at the bottom





Photobox was created to present large collections of images on a Web page, without embedding them all at their full sizes.

It works by showing a list of thumbnails, which users can click and have them expanded into a lightbox image viewer.

The user's selected photo is shown in the center above the rest of the page while a thumbnail slider is shown underneath for easy navigation through the rest of the pictures.

The plugin is quite lightweight and handles all animations via CSS3 when possible.

Photobox also works with modern browsers, features next/prev navigation, a positional pager, preloads all displayed imagery, and can be skinned via CSS-based themes.

Besides images, the plugin can also present YouTube and Vimeo videos as well.

A demo is included with the download package.
Last updated on May 8th, 2015

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Photobox - Images are presented with Photobox in a floating modal above the rest of the page

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