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Fresco can be used in showing content above the rest of the page, surrounded by a darker overlay.

The plugin comes as an evolution of the famous Lightview modal windowing system, adding support for a plethora of new features, starting with responsive layouts, mobile devices and the new HTML 5 standard.

Fresco works basically as any other modal script, only its extensive support and very well tested features allow it to be deployed immediately without wasting time with various tests or preparations.

Licensed under a duplicate licensing model (free and commercial), Fresco allows developers to get a taste of a real premium modal lightbox script for free.

Use the free trial for non-commercial projects, while for other work buy one of the available licenses.
Last updated on April 8th, 2015
Fresco - Fresco can be used for showing an image gallery setFresco - Fresco also includes support for themes and captionsFresco - Fresco can show embedded YouTube videos as wellFresco - Vimeo videos can also be shown via the Fresco modal windowing system

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A commercial, top of the line jQuery modal lightbox script packaged with extensive support for a multitude of content types and display modes


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