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Orbit Toolbar
OrbitToolbar is an Internet Explorer plug-in that increases your chances to find information from anywhere on the web and takes just a few seconds to install. Once installed, it automatically appears along with your Internet Explorer toolbar. This means you can quickly use your OrbitToolbar to search from any website location, without returning to our home page to begin another search. User can use your search engine anytime by typing keyword or keywords in the search box located on the toolbar. Because the search box lets users to find information quickly, it's the easiest way to bring them back to your Web site. Users appreciate the toolbar's search box feature because it saves the last keyword or keywords they typed in. Users also can set different search options directly from the toolbar. Toolbar menu and buttons allow quick access to sections of your Web siteProvide quick links to important sections of your Web site and save users' time. Users can customize toolbar's features according to their preferences. Thus, they will use the toolbar and consequently your Web site more often. It's also an effective way to find out which feature is more popular Toolbar statistics Gather strategic information.So that you can gather strategic information related to the use of Toolbar, statistics can be provided to your members' accounts. They can have an access to the following data: - Number of searches
- Number of clicks on the Toolbar
   Reports are available on daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.Toolbar Features - Unlimited number of buttons and menus
There are no limitations on buttons and menu controls.
- Highlighted keyword
If a user searches for a word with the toolbar, this word will be highlighted in the resultant HTML page.
- News ticker integration
If you want to keep your users informed on a continuous basis, OrbitToolbar offers an integrated news ticker. An XML file can be used to feed the news ticker. Maintenance is quite simple. The ticker is run off of an .xml or .txt file that's loaded from your server. To update the content of the ticker, just update that file.
- Menu icons
Bitmaps can be added alongside menu items in drop-down menus in much the same way that buttons can be altered.
- Multiple search fields
OrbitToolbar can support multiple combo boxes and text boxes on the same bar for the same search.
- Launch external applications
New buttons can be added to launch an external program or a file from the toolbar.
- Skin support
OrbitToolbar works with Windows XP themes (or skins). It has the same background and button style as Internet Explorer's standard toolbars.
- Active buttons
OrbitToolbar supports active buttons. A second bitmap (active) can appear on a normal button or advertisement button when the mouse pointer is over it.
- Install/uninstall system
OrbitToolbar provides a mechanism for online Web installation, upgrades, and uninstallation, without the need of an additional setup program. Clean update and uninstallation are ensured (no conflict folders are created, as can happen with other toolbars). This is an IE HTML installation/uninstallation system that works on the fly. It functions similarly to when you install ActiveX (e.g., Macromedia Flash Player).
- Customized Toolbar from an XML file
The ToolBar is fully customized from an XML file.
- Open a new window to display results each time you search
Opens a new browser window instead of displaying results in the current window.
- Drop-down search history
By default, your previous searches are stored in the drop-down list under the search box. If you would prefer not to keep past searches, clear the checkbox.
- Word find buttons
Finds the words you searched for, wherever they appear on the current page. Word find buttons appear on the right end of the Toolbar as you type them into the search box. Click a word find button and you jump to that term on the page in your browser. Click the word find button again to find the second instance of the word, and so on.
- Automatically search when you select from the search history
Performs a search again if you select it from your search history list.
- Includes special searches to the search menu
The "special searches" perform a SmartPPC Search Engine search on these specific subjects: Shopping, Media, Fun, Personal, Connect. If you often search for one or more of these subjects, check this option.
- Button text labels
You can select the view and design of the buttons on your Toolbar.

Last updated on June 1st, 2007

Runs on: Windows / Linux / BSD

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