AmpliFeeder 1.1

AmpliFeeder pulls all of your online activity into one place to display a new aggregated you, redefining ideas of what a blog or personal page should be.
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This application aggregates information posted on social networking, social bookmarking, video, music and photo sharing websites and uses it to create and display a personal online lifestream.


Download the AmpliFeeder distributable, save it somewhere on your hard drive and extract it.
In the extracted folder you will find a file called AmpliFeederDatabaseScript.sql. Create a database in SQL Server and execute this script against it to create all of the tables and stored procedures needed by AmpliFeeder. You will need to create a user in SQL Server and give it datareader and datawriter permissions on the newly created database. You will also need to give your newly created user EXECUTE permissions on any of the installed AmpliFeeder stored procedures.
Copy the AmpliFeeder folder contained in the distributable to your Inetpub/wwwroot folder or some other place where you want IIS to serve the application from. Set up this AmpliFeeder folder to be a web application in IIS. If you are using IIS 7 you will need to set the Application Pool type to be 'Classic .Net AppPool' under the site Basic Settings.
Open the web.config file in the AmpliFeeder folder in your favorite text editor and change the value of the AmplifeederDBConnectionString connection string setting to match your installed database and environment.
Browse to the root of your new application to continue.

Main features:

  • Simple. Powerful. Flexible:
  • Combine and archive your activity from lots of different services. Adding new services is a complete breeze.
  • Easy to style and personalize:
  • AmpliFeeder is built to make theming and personalisation as simple as possible with standard XHTML & CSS.
  • Pull yourself together:
  • Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Shared Items, Tumblr, Digg, Reddit, LastFM, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Upcoming, Mixx & more
  • Open Source and AGPL Licensed:
  • Runs on industry standard ASP.NET 3.5, SQL Server Express and IIS

last updated on:
May 28th, 2009, 11:14 GMT
license type:

Other Free / Open Source License: AGPL

developed by:
Jon Paul Davies
operating system(s):
C: \ RSS and Feeds
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