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A jQuery plugin for creating image carousels, thumbnail sliders, image slideshows, featured content rotators, and many other similar widgets





jCarousel leverages the power of the jQuery JavaScript library to take a series of page elements and rotate them inside a certain container.

While at first jCarousel was used to simply scroll through a series of vertically or horizontally aligned thumbnails, today this plugin can be used for building a wide series of similar widgets, all in different formats and layouts.

Support is included for rotating both text and images, vertical and horizontal scrolling, RTL layouts, autoplay support, and various transitions and animations.

Along with the carousel widget, various controls can be shown, from simple next/previous arrows, to dotted and numbered pagination systems, and even thumbnail selectors.

jCarousel can work with on-page content or with data retrieved via AJAX requests.

To keep up with the modern times, jCarousel has also been upgraded to work with responsive layouts, and also comes with lots of demos and documentation.
Last updated on March 2nd, 2015
jCarousel - jCarousel can be used to build basic image carousel componentsjCarousel - Classic image sliders can also be created with the jCarousel pluginjCarousel - Thumbnail sliders, dotted pagination, thumb previews, and other features are supported with jCarousel

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