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A jQuery plugin for creating responsive navigational structures, taking a normal menu's links and converting them into a drop-down select list





To work, the normal menus need to be built using an (un)ordered list structure.

The plugin will work when the viewport (screen) size goes under a certain value, taking this HTML list (the menu) and converting it into a drop-down select element.

This can be very useful for sites accessed from mobile devices, presenting users with a functional menu that can be used without scrolling sideways.

To switch the page, he just has to select any item from the drop-down field.

A demo is included with the download package.

TinyNav.js has been the base on which Responsive Nav has been built. TinyNav.js still has its uses, being a lot more lightweight when it comes to actual file size compared to Responsive Nav.
Last updated on February 22nd, 2014

#list to drop-down #mobile development #responsive design #transform #list #drop-down #menu

TinyNav.js - The normal page view shows the links of a menu in their normal stateTinyNav.js - Resizing the browser to a smaller size, changes the menu display to a drop-down select list

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