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A jQuery plugin for creating side panels for showing hidden navigation menus, inspired from similar tools seen on famous mobile apps




Created with jQuery, Swpnav draws inspiration from Facebook's and Path's mobile app menu.

It presents a simple button which when clicked will animate a panel from the side of the page, containing with different menu options.

As the side panel is moved into the viewport, the page is shifted to the right and moved out of the screen. The panel does not cover the page. It simply moves it.

By doing this, Swpnav makes its own space on the page and assures it doesn't take up any crucial space when not needed.

Just for this, the plugin is perfect for deploying as a responsive menu system on mobile apps and mobile site versions.

Multiple demos are included with the download package.
Last updated on January 25th, 2013
Swpnav - At page load, a small button is displayed indicating the presence of a mobile-like menuSwpnav - Clicking the button will move the page to the right and animate in a side panel with a menu

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