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A responsive MooTools and CSS 3 image slideshow, a simple, free, and beautiful tool for featuring important photos on a Web page





Many responsive image sliders exist for jQuery, but few for MooTools. uSlider is such a tool, fitted with all the features you'd expect to find in similar, counterpart jQuery slideshows.

The plugin works perfectly embedded anywhere on a page, or as a full-page background slideshow.

It includes side-navigation controls, along with the classic dotted navigation system for skipping images and jumping to a specific slide.

uSlider even comes with a keys navigational shortcuts, for easily controlling the carousel via the keyboard.

Captions are also supported as well, for adding small descriptions to image slides, in case something needs to be said about an image. HTML content can be placed inside the caption, so this means links can be displayed as well.

uSlider demos are included with the download package.
Last updated on August 17th, 2014
uSlider - uSlider can be used in creating beautiful responsive image slidersuSlider - If the browser size is changed, the uSlider slideshow dimensions is also adjusted to perfectly show the imagesuSlider - uSlider can also be configured to work in a full-page mode if necessary

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