jQuery Cycle Slideshows

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A collection of beautiful image slideshows created with the help of the jQuery JavaScript framework and the jQuery Cycle plugin




jQuery Cycle Slideshows leverages Mike Alsup's great Cycle plugin, providing a collection of image slideshows that can be quickly deployed into any website project.

Three ready-made slideshows are included with the download package.

They have support for side-navigation controls, numbered navigation controls, image captions, and a small thumbnail-based switcher.

On top of this, developers can control the slideshow's image transition effect, the animation's speed, and the time a slide remains visible on screen.

Any changes can be made to any of these sliders, from their parameters to their overall CSS look.
Last updated on December 12th, 2014
jQuery Cycle Slideshows - jQuery Cycle Slideshows can create slideshows with complex layouts and controlsjQuery Cycle Slideshows - The slideshow elements can be activated or deactivated based on the style needed for a projectjQuery Cycle Slideshows - Thumbnail previews can also be used to switch from one slide to the other

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