One Level Fullscreen Gallery

A Flash and XML-based image gallery that can feature photos utilizing the user's entire screen area, complete with support for text captions and a thumbnail slider

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Commercial License

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Oxylus Flash
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1 One Level Fullscreen Gallery Screenshot:
One Level Fullscreen Gallery - One Level Fullscreen Gallery lets users showcase photos using the entire area of their page
One Level Fullscreen Gallery was created to implement a classic fullscreen photo viewer in Flash.

All photos shown in the gallery component are extracted from a local XML configuration file, along with their title and description text.

Unlimited images can be shown, pictures being shown at the bottom of the component using a sideways-scrolling thumbnail slider.

Selecting a photo will show it in the screen's center, where the user can view it at its natural aspect ratio.

Users can right-click to save the photo to their computer and developers can also embed the component in their pages at various width and height sizes if needed.

Thumbs are automatically scrolled based on the mouse cursor's position, but this can be disabled by pressing SPACE.

A special thumbnail can also be selected at page load, and other One Level Fullscreen Gallery settings can also be customized on a per-page basis using flashVars.

Last updated on May 8th, 2008

Runs on: Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris


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