jQuery Cycle Plugin

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A jQuery plugin for building simplistic image slideshow, using simple, non-intrusive, and CPU-lightweight image transition effects





The jQuery Cycle Plugin, or just Cycle is one of the first ever slideshow plugins for jQuery.

It has been the base on which countless other plugins have been built, and it has led to the over-saturated slider market we have today in the jQuery community.

Cycle was and continues to be a very lightweight plugin to build slideshows, coming with minimal no CSS styles, but only a JS-based method of rotating images inside a container using a specified effect (slide, fade, scroll, etc.).

All effects are customizable and adjustable. The Cycle plugin can also work with the jQuery Easing plugin, for producing more smoothed out transition effects.

Besides this, there's also a Lite variant, and an improved, more updated version of the plugin, launched recently as Cycle2.
Last updated on July 14th, 2013

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jQuery Cycle Plugin - The jQuery Cycle Plugin can be used in building simplistic image carousels

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