Zoomer (Prototype)

MIT License
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A Prototype plugin for zooming in on images, previewing photos at their natural resolution without breaking the page's current layout




Zoomer is perfect for creating product photo inspection tools, the plugin allowing users to view an image at a small resolution and at a high resolution at the same time.

Going from the small to the high resolution is done by clicking on the image's body.

The photo is zoomed inside its own container, feat realized by simply switching the image's source attribute.

When in zoomed-in mode, if the user moves his mouse cursor around the photo's container, the zoom area is moved with it as well.

Zoomer is extremely lightweight for the features it provides and gracefully degrades in browsers with JS turned off.
Last updated on November 30th, 2012
Zoomer (Prototype) - Showing an image at a normal sizeZoomer (Prototype) - When clicked, the image is zoomed around the area which it was clickedZoomer (Prototype) - Moving the mouse around the surface of the image also moves the zoom area as well

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