Coppermine Photo Gallery

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A fully-customizable, fully-feature photo album script written in PHP, the World's most used Web-based image & gallery management tool






The Coppermine Photo Gallery, or simply Coppermine, uses GD or ImageMagick as an image processing toolkit and works on top of a MySQL backend.

Everyone on the Internet knows what Coppermine is and what's it for, most people using or accessing such a tool at least once in their life while navigating the Web.

Created to help out in publishing image-based content, this tool is perfect for online portfolios, image albums, or a plain ol' image repository.

Coppermine is extremely easy to use, easy to install, and comes with pretty low server & hosting requirements, meaning you could install it on most LAMP-based environments around.

While Coppermine might look outdated, its feature set is almost complete when it comes to covering all the properties needed from Web-based image management tools.
Last updated on September 27th, 2015
Coppermine Photo Gallery - The Coppermine Photo Gallery comes with an easy to use installerCoppermine Photo Gallery - The admin panel is password protectedCoppermine Photo Gallery - After the installation, the Coppermine Photo Gallery admin dashboard will be emptyCoppermine Photo Gallery - The developer can create galleries and organize them in categoriesCoppermine Photo Gallery - Album details can easily be edited whenever neededCoppermine Photo Gallery - A simple to use file uploader is included with CoppermineCoppermine Photo Gallery - Added images can easily be editedCoppermine Photo Gallery - A batch photo uploader is also includedCoppermine Photo Gallery - A drag&drop reordering system is included with the Coppermine Photo GalleryCoppermine Photo Gallery - Various admin tools are available in the Coppermine backendCoppermine Photo Gallery - A comments moderation feature allows admins to filter out bad reviewsCoppermine Photo Gallery - A version checking system is also included with the Coppermine GalleryCoppermine Photo Gallery - Keywords (tags) can be managed via the Coppermine admin panelCoppermine Photo Gallery - Coppermine can also be extended via pluginsCoppermine Photo Gallery - The gallery can also be embedded in other Web productsCoppermine Photo Gallery - A database updater is included with CoppermineCoppermine Photo Gallery - Users can also be organized in groupsCoppermine Photo Gallery - Infringing users can easily be banned from accessing the galleryCoppermine Photo Gallery - User profile details can also be edited whenever neededCoppermine Photo Gallery - On the front-end, Coppermine provides easy access to images and galleriesCoppermine Photo Gallery - screenshot #21Coppermine Photo Gallery - screenshot #22Coppermine Photo Gallery - screenshot #23Coppermine Photo Gallery - A complex search engine is packed in with the Coppermine Photo Gallery by defaultCoppermine Photo Gallery - A contact form for emailing the administrator is also availableCoppermine Photo Gallery - Coppermine can also be styled via various themes

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