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A PHP-based leaderboard script for PlayStation Network (PSN) profiles, helping clan admins keep track of his members' gaming performances





ezStats is a top of the line solution if wanting to provide a gaming statistics tool for your clan mates and/or friends.

Install, add clan members and/or friends and keep track of everybody's PlayStation gaming performances.

The ezStats for PlayStation Network package was specifically built to allow webmasters to pull in and aggregate statistics only from a selected list of PSN usernames.

ezStats for PlayStation Network filters out data from unknown members and allows users to get comprehensive statistics which they can compare to friends and clan mates.

This script is very useful because if you'd previously wanted to see how you fared compared to one of your friends, you'd have to go on the psnprofiles.com website, search for your statistics, search for your friends statistics and then compare them one stat at a time.

With ezStats this is done in a much easier manner, all data being presented in a ranked table so you immediately can tell who's the best in your clan or group.

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Last updated on September 12th, 2013
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