ezStats for Battlefield 3

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A PHP-based leaderboard script for Battlefield 3 gamers, a powerful, modern solution if wanting to provide a gaming statistics tool for your clan mates






ezStats for Battlefield 3 is the most powerful and complete statistics package from all the ezStats variants, providing in-depth data about one or more player's performances.

The system works by importing, tracking and analyzing Battlelog official data from a list of selected players.

Data is shown about many topics, from individual player kills, to vehicles, per-weapon fragging, team statistics and up to personal evolution graphs.

ezStats for Battlefield 3 is a complete system that takes all the good things out of the Battelog service and crams them together into one single leaderboard.

Also because it works with a selected list of players it manages, ezStats also clears out of the stats all those millions of people you never played against or will never even meet and allows gamers to compare themselves only with their friends or clan mates.

ezStats for Battlefield 3 can work as a stand-alone script, or it can function integrated with the supported CMSs, forums and portal scripts.

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Last updated on January 19th, 2014
ezStats for Battlefield 3 - Installing ezStats is easy via the provided installerezStats for Battlefield 3 - ezStats for Battlefield 3 comes with its own administration panelezStats for Battlefield 3 - Once logged in, the administration panel dashboard is where all the data can editedezStats for Battlefield 3 - The player leaderboard will display all your friends' statsezStats for Battlefield 3 - Users can view stats on a per-weapon basisezStats for Battlefield 3 - Vehicle stats are kept separate from other detailsezStats for Battlefield 3 - All individual player have their own stats pagesezStats for Battlefield 3 - ezStats for Battlefield 3 also provides access to the player's evolution graphsezStats for Battlefield 3 - Team stats are provided as wellezStats for Battlefield 3 - ezStats for Battlefield 3 comes packed with an intuitive navigation menu

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