ezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool

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A PHP-based script for Battlefield 3 and Medal of Honor Warfighter servers, showing real-time details about server details and current players





ezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool can be used to track player statistics by server instead of user account.

Besides showing details about players, scores, maps, mods, configuration settings and so on, the script also includes a Web-based RCON tool for easily sending console commands to the server, changing maps, settings all in real-time, all from the browser.

ezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool is easy to install and use, coming packed with both an installation wizard and an administration interface.

It can handle both BF3 or MoH Warfighter servers from the same installation, and can work as a stand-alone script or as a CMS/forum plugin.

All in all, ezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool is a powerful tool to track of everybody's performances on a specific server without having to display badges from various Web services like GameTracker, Xfire or some other similar website.

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Last updated on September 12th, 2013
ezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool - IezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool comes with a guided installation wizardezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool - The admin login will allows access only to selected usersezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool - Adding a new server is extremely easy via the special page in the ezStats backendezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool - More than one servers can be managed with ezStats Serverviewer & RCON-ToolezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool - The RCON tool is where the server can be managed via your browserezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool - Various Serverviewer settings can be tweakedezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool - CSS skinning options are available for the server viewer pageezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool - ezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool includes support for a multi-admin systemezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool - ezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool can be used to view real-time details about a serverezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool - In case ezStats Serverviewer & RCON-Tool is used for multiple servers, a server selector is included

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