PHP Poker Application

PHP Poker is an Online Multiplayer Texas Hold'em Poker Game, developed with PHP, AJAX, MySQL and Javascript.

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PHP Poker Application
PHP Poker is an Online Multiplayer Texas Hold'em Poker Game, developed with PHP, AJAX, MySQL and Javascript.

PHP Poker is available to buy or rent at very competitive rates and is packed full of features including player stats, custom avatars, live chat, admin panel, player leaderboard and much more.

Each installation of the game can handle a virtually unlimited amount of live tables and utilises a game lobby system so visitors can create new tables or browse and join existing tables.

PHP Poker is only a game and is not designed to be capable of real online gambling. Any values displayed in the game represent players game scores, not real currency.

Game Features 
- Virtually Unlimited Table Creation allows a wide scope of use from small groups to high traffic websites.
- Game Lobby System the live lobby lets you browse and join existing tables or create a new table for others to join.
- Instant Live AJAX Gameplay delivers fast, low bandwidth, gameplay and is compatible with most browsers. There is no download necessary for your members and the only requirement is that they have Javascript enabled on their computer.
- High Scores, Stats & Rankings make the game more enjoyable long term. Players can view their progress as they rise up through the ranks and have the opportunity to analyse their game play via their personal win ratios and move statistics.
- Custom Avatars can be uploaded by players to give that personal touch to their game character.
- Live Chat Module allows players to interact with one another, whilst in a game or just hanging out in the lobby.
- Table Types include an adjustable buy in limit, open or locked tables and increasing blinds.
- Sit Out Module will display an advert, banner or message of your choice to players when they leave a table.
Admin Features 
- 3 Approval Modes allow you to either auto approve all new players, approve them after verifying their email address or approve them manually in the admin panel.
- Banning Players is easy with our handy ban/unban feature. At the click of a button you can instantly kick any player from your site on a temporary or permanent basis.
- Resetting Players Stats can be done with the click of a button so you can reset accounts upon request if a player wishes to start afresh.
- Game timers can be altered to allow the administrator to adjust the speed of game play. You can adjust the player move timer, the length of time the hands display at the showdown and also the kick timer that will auto kick inactive players.
- Advertising/message timer will allow you to alter the duration that the advertising/message box displays for when a player leaves a table.
- Optional Login Override settings allow you to utilise an existing session based membership login system to bypass our login system.

Last updated on April 21st, 2008

Runs on: Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris

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