2048 - 3D

1.0 MIT License
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A variation on the famous 2048 browser game, a very addictive math & numbers game for your browser, inspired by games like 1024 and THREES





Basically 2048 - 3D is a clone of the 2048 browser game, which in turn is a clone of the 1024 game, which also copies the THREES Android and iPhone games.

The difference between 2048 - 3D and 2048 is the fact that users play the game on three boards at the same time, allowing him to switch tiles from one board to the next if he gets stuck.

The rest of the game is the same as the original 2048, relying on users to make tiles of the same number touch and combine into a new tile, using the same power of 2 principle.

2048 - 3D also keeps scores of the user progress, recording his best score locally via HTML 5 localStorage.

You can play the game out of the box. Just download and unzip.
Last updated on March 20th, 2014
2048 - 3D - 2048 - 3D is a re-implementation of the 2048 game, requiring users to collapse tiles and add up numbers with the same power of 22048 - 3D - If users fail to create a tile with the number 2048 they lose the game

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