jQuery Tooltip

0.0.2 MIT License
5.0/5 2
A jQuery plugin for creating beautiful tooltips, showing extra content inside a small bubble which can will shown only when hovering an item






jQuery Tooltip can be used to show simple text or HTML-based tooltips when hovering or clicking an item.

Developers can control the tooltip's position (top, left, right, bottom) and they can trigger tooltip bubbles with a certain delay after the initial hover action.

The plugin automatically detects the viewport's free space near the browser's margins and always shows the tooltip on-screen by changing its default position.

All tooltips can be animated via various jQuery-based effects, and the tooltip text can be extracted from the element's title or ID attributes.

The plugin can also execute callbacks and comes with a fallback mechanism for older browsers.

jQuery Tooltip was tested and found working on mobile devices as well.

Multiple tooltip examples are included with the download package.
Last updated on February 14th, 2013
jQuery Tooltip - The tooltip message popup can be showed in a top, bottom, left or right positionjQuery Tooltip - Inside the tooltip popup, HTML text can optionally be displayed as welljQuery Tooltip - The tooltip popup can be attached to any kind of HTML element, from forms, to list items, to buttons and many more

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