Bootstrap Multiselect

0.9.12 Apache License
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Bootstrap Multiselect allows developers to create multi-selection drop-down UI widgets for the Bootstrap front-end UI framework.

The plugin replaces the drop-down select field with a button which when pressed shows a dropdown list with options as checkboxes.

To select one or more items, the user must only check the appropriate box.

Bootstrap Multiselect comes full of useful features for enhancing the user experience and front-end display.

A demo is included with the download package.
Last updated on March 18th, 2015
Bootstrap Multiselect - Bootstrap Multiselect enables drop-down multi-SELECT UI widgets to be used on Web pagesBootstrap Multiselect - For multiple selections, the drop-down trigger label will be changed in real-timeBootstrap Multiselect - When no selection has been made, the label reflects it alsoBootstrap Multiselect - Bootstrap Multiselect can be used with any other Bootstrap UI widget, including navbars, button groups, drop-downs, etc.

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A jQuery plugin fit for adding support for multi-selection fields in Bootstrap, allowing users to select multiple items at once


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