jQuery Impromptu

6.2.1 GPL: GNU General Public License + 1 others
3.3/5 20


A jQuery plugin for creating an interactive way of presenting modal dialog windows, alerts, feedback, and even complex tutorials or guided tours





jQuery Impromptu can be used in replacing the standard browser alert, prompt, and confirm messages, but the plugin does not stop here.

Besides allowing developers to style these messages via CSS code, it also lets developers chain them into complex modal window sequences, ideal for double-confirmations, product showcases, tutorials, or Web wizards.

Inside the modal window any kind of content can be passed, and many JavaScript variables provide a wide set of customization options.

A MooTools port is also available for an older version of jQuery Impromptu.
Last updated on May 11th, 2015

#modal window #user feedback #prompt user #modal #window #dialog #alert

jQuery Impromptu - jQuery Impromptu can be used to stylize the default alert windowsjQuery Impromptu - jQuery Impromptu also works with dialog windows as welljQuery Impromptu - The plugin can also be used as a chained series of modals, working as a simple Web tutorial system

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