jQuery Form Plugin

3.51.0 GPL: GNU General Public License + 1 others
3.6/5 21



Holds 2 main methods:
- ajaxForm
- ajaxSubmit

These collect information from the form and push it around where's needed.

Numerous configuration options are available for both methods, allowing developers to build any types of forms, from simple logins to complex registration pages.

The jQuery Form Plugin only handles data extraction, serialization operations, clears the form after the user's submission, and showing success messages when data reaches the destination.

The plugin does not handle putting the form's HTML together or styling up the forms. It only works it the data users have filled in and submitted. For these tasks other plugins should be used.
Last updated on June 23rd, 2014

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A powerful jQuery plugin that allows developers to build HTML forms that submit data to the server via AJAX calls, without refreshing the current page


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