Slide Submit

1.0.2 GPL: GNU General Public License
1.0/5 1
A jQuery plugin for enabling a 'slide to submit' form submission mechanism, a super simple form protection system, guarding the site against automated form submissions




Slide Submit can provide programmers with a system that can protect forms from spam bots.

Slide Submit can block access to a form altogether, or can block access to the form submission button.

As its name hints, the plugin uses a simple drag slider to do this. If a slider handle has not been moved from one side to the other, then the user won't be able to submit the form.

Because this action cannot be mimicked in any way by spam bots, this is a very secure way of protecting forms from automated submissions.

Even better, Slide Submit will replace the submit button completely, by automatically sending the form whenever the slide action has finished, not requiring the user to push another button to submit it.
Last updated on January 25th, 2013
Slide Submit - A slider can be added to a contact form to protect it from spam bots

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