Parsley.js2.0.7 / 2.1.0-rc10

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A jQuery plugin for client-side form validation, checking form data before it's sent to the server for further processing






Parsley.js uses an unique approach to form data validation, relying on CSS classes and IDs, instead of JavaScript rules.

The plugin scans the form field for preset class and ID names, which it uses to apply a data check and see if the user's entered data is compliant to the respective rule.

All the validation rules are included with Parsle's core code, so the developer only needs to include jQuery, Parsley.js and add the class and ID names to the form HTML structure.

In the end, not even one single line of JavaScript code will be written by the developer, making Parsley.js unique than all of the other form processing scripts around.

To cover a lot of ground, a huge set of validation rules is included by default with Parsely.

This means the developer won't need to add his own, most of the rules covering all the basic form checks.

Just make sure to read the documentation before starting with the plugin.
Last updated on June 9th, 2015
Parsley.js - Form data can easily be validated on the front-end, using Pasley.js and jQuery

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