Free Customized Feedback Form Wizard

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Free Customized Feedback Form Wizard creates a FREE feedback form for your website.





This script creates a FREE feedback form for your website. This allows you to put a Feedback Form or Contact Form on your site so that visitors can send you messages / email or make comments.

- Plug and Play: All the necessary code for the feedback form is generated for you. Just plug and play.
- Customizable: You can customize your form to suit your site decor if you like.
- Easy to Create: Easy two-step procedure to get your Feedback Form.
- Complete Package: All the code (scripts and HTML code for the form itself) necessary for the PHP and Perl versions to work are generated by this Wizard.
- The messages sent by your visitors are delivered to an email address of your choice.
- Compatibility: The messages sent are decoded from the form and sent as an ordinary email which you can read and reply to using your favourite email software or web email.
- Spam Protection: Your email address is hidden from the visitor's view in the PHP and Perl CGI versions (hopefully this protects you from spam).
- Bandwidth Theft Protection: The PHP and Perl CGI script versions have built-in protection against use by bandwidth thieves: they only send to your email address, so other sites cannot use your script to operate their own feedback forms.
- PHP and Perl versions available: You can choose to generate either the PHP version (recommended) or the Perl CGI script version, depending on what your web host allows you to run.
- Form field validation: The script checks for empty fields before sending the message.
- No Advertisements: There are no advertisements on the PHP and Perl versions of the feedback form script.
Last updated on May 21st, 2007
Free Customized Feedback Form Wizard

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