4.0.1 MIT License
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Support drag & drop upload forms, letting users easily select and upload data to the server without popups and endless mouse clicks





Taking advantage of the new drag&drop upload feature added with HTML5, Dropzone.js allows developers to build modern file upload areas for their sites or dashboards.

The library comes with lots of tweakable settings, starting with the widget's UI which can be styled via regular CSS.

Developers can set customized success and error messages as well, show preview thumbnails for image files, and icons for other types of files.

They can also show a progress indicator for the upload operations, select and transfer multiple files at the same time, and also operate via AJAX without reloading the current page.

Retina devices and mobiles are also supported, and Dropzone.js should also work with very large files or with file size limits to prevent server crashes.

A basic demo is included with the Dropzone download package.
Last updated on February 12th, 2015
Dropzone.js - Dropzone.js allows users to drag and drop files from their computers to the a live Web pageDropzone.js - Dragged files are uploaded automatically, showing a simple progress indicatorDropzone.js - For failed uploads, hovering the mouse over the file will reveal the cause

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