Grid Slider Click

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A Flash & XML image slider, a tool that can easily be embedded on any site and help the developer easily feature important content





The same component, but with a bar slicing transition effect can be downloaded from here.

As with the Bar Slider Click component, Grid Slider Click uses a similar XML configuration system.

It takes settings stored in a local XML config file, related to both contained images and slider settings, assembling the slideshow without the need to recompiled the original SWF binary file.

By changing a few lines of XML code, everything in the slider's look and behavior can be adapted to whatever the programmer wants to use the slider for.

Instead of image captions, Grid Slider Click will replace the text overlays with a link area which when clicked will redirect any user to an URL pre-configured in the XML file.
Last updated on December 9th, 2014
Grid Slider Click - The complete image slider and its controls can easily be used by anyone familiar with slider UI conceptsGrid Slider Click - Transitioning from one image to another is done via a simple grid/square slicing effects

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