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An open source Flash 3D engine, a powerful toolkit to develop online games, basic Flash animations, or just silly effects for your sites





Away3D was developed with the help of a huge open source community and is currently one of the top line solutions for Flash 3D games.

The engine works by providing developers with a series of standard tools needed almost in every game, allowing them to get to the actual process of designing the game instead of wasting time away writing basic interaction code.

Outside the code put into the basic tools, Away3D also comes with lots of performance improvements allowing developers to take full advantage of the user's local CPU and GPU capabilities.

This avoids crashing the game and makes sure the user gets to enjoy the final product without lag or freezes.

Besides the gaming industry, Away3D can also be used for simple 3D animations on regular sites or intro pages as well, even if Flash sites are rarer and rarer these days.
Last updated on February 4th, 2014

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